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Want EXCITEMENT, a deeper love connection, a little inspiration, and a whole lot of fun? Don't waste precious time and money on ho-hum date nights!  Let Out of the Box Dates make them memorable! Romantic menu ranges in price from $5-$130. Or, add a personal touch and customize the perfect adventure!

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"Cassie and I have been married for 15 years. There were two surprises to us when it came to OOTBD. One was how long it took to actually carve out the time to deliberately set the date out and sit down to go through it. The preparation was set up so far in advance by my wife that the balloons (from the Love Pops game) shriveled up. Sounds, unfortunately, normal. The second surprise was the butterflies in our stomachs with the anticipation of opening the balloons (or if done right popped) and seeing what the date had in store for us as a couple. The feeling was the same as our feelings so long ago on our first date. What a wonderful gift after so many years!

Because of that wonderful experience, we have taken the opportunity to gift OOTBD's to our closest friends. They have greatly appreciated such a personal gift, and we were able to say thank you in a wonderfully unique, personal way."



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