About Out of the Box Dates
Our Mission
To inspire, enhance, and renew the love relationship between a man and a woman by creating romantic-themed dates, one-of-a-kind games, romantic resources and custom adventures.

The Heart of the Matter
The concept began when a friend asked me to plan a night for her and her husband. I had so much fun designing their date and was delighted by their rave reviews. What struck me was when she said “that was exactly what we needed… it helped us be more intentional about our relationship.”

Who couldn’t stand to be more intentional about love? It has always seemed absurd to me when people spend huge amounts of time learning to be better at their career or perhaps a better athlete, better volunteer, better parent, etc, but do not invest any time into their love relationship. Rarely in our daily lives do we have a chance to slow things down… to connect with our love, focus on each other… the memories… the places we've been… and the places we'll go. While extravagant romantic gestures are wonderful, sometimes it is just about finding the time for one another and being
creative about how you use it!
It is a relationship investment.

For me, these romantic adventures are truly more than just a date. Out of the Box Dates is a dream that God clearly laid on my heart amidst a difficult time in my own love life. It is an answer to the age-old question, “What is my purpose?” It is my passion to help couples foster a healthy, happy, romantic relationship with one another. As a bonus, it allows me to be home when the kids get off the bus. And finally… It is a chance to…
YOUR Love Relationship!

Wishing you a lifetime of Love and Romance,
LeeAnn Williams