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Boxes filled with Rose Petals

These beautiful, fabric-covered boxes are a gift in and of themselves.  We have filled the keepsake box with our special combination of rose petals that is used with all of our dates.  What could be more romantic?  The boxes measure 7 ½”  by  11”  by  4 1/2.”   Check out the stunning colors below.

Price:  $22.99
(Price does not include sales tax, shipping, and handling.)




Beige Blue





Gold / Black Top

Light Blue



Color My Love

An Out of the Box Dates Romantic Game

Color my LoveThis “feel good” game turns complimenting one another into a competition! Be the first person to fill up your column with color chips and you win the game! But BEWARE… if the spinner lands on “Draw a Kiss Card,” you may have to plant one on your love!!! Game comes with score board, spinner, color chips, and set of 12 unique kiss cards.

Price: $16.99
(Price does not include sales tax.)

“He shared things about me that I had NO idea even meant anything to him. It really helped us focus on the positive in one another. I highly recommend this game for any stage of a relationship!”

Love Lottery

An Out of the Box Dates Game

This sweet little game can be started any time and any place.  Where you decide to continue play is up to you. This game of chance can be played for up to 6 weeks.  It includes 6 “lottery tickets.”  Each week you draw one ticket and complete the activity listed.  What’s on the tickets you ask?  Well, that is where the fun and risk is involved, but we can’t tell you all of our secrets!!

Price:  $5.99
(Price does not include sales tax, shipping, and handling.)


Love Pops

An Out of the Box Dates Romantic Game

In this explosive game, you will find 10 balloons. Each balloon contains a piece of paper with a “spicy” activity to do for/with one another. Some of the activities on the balloons are truly “out of the box” and some are a bit scandalous!

You decide if you play this game in one night or if you spread it out several days!

Not only that, some of the notes inside your balloons instruct you to open wrapped surprises!! There are four items to use with your balloons; massage oil, a beautiful ostrich feather, a satin scarf, and one truly novel item! Don't let intrigue pass you by!

Price:  $24.99
(Price does not include sales tax.)

Stone's Throw to Romance

An Out of the Box Dates Game

Romance is literally just a stone’s throw away with this delightful game.  We provide you with 18 enchanting cards that are laminated and are really quite lovely.  On each card, you will find something romantic to do with or for one another.  Spread out the cards, toss the stones, and watch the story unfold.  This game is neatly stored in a pretty organza pouch.

Price:  $12.99
(Price does not in clude sales tax, shipping, and handling.)

Custom Stone's Throw GameAn Out of the Box Dates Game

This is the perfect, personalized gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday, anniversary, or no reason at all.

The concept is the same as in Stone’s Throw to Romance, but all the cards are designed to make the recipient feel incredibly special and loved. This is a game the whole family can play!

We use YOUR pictures for 12 cards. If you desire, you come up with the activity on each card, or we will assist you. Plus you can write a personal message on the back of the laminated cards.

This game is quickly becoming one of our best-sellers!

Price: $29.99
(Price does not in clude sales tax, shipping, and handling.)

Please contact Customer Service to place this Custom order at 763-383-2900.

Emergency Love Boxes

Cherish your relationship enough to work through problems with healthy communication.  To help prepare you for relaionship adversity, we strongly suggest our Emergency Love Box.  We've tried to put a little fun and romance into dealing with tough issues, unique to every relationship.

You will discover our three easy steps to creating a Love Emergency Plan.  Engage in loving communication, respectful listening, and plenty of silliness by following our Communication Cards for him and for her.  Learn something new with our Communication Tips Card. Everything is neatly packaged in a vellum envelope. We suggest you recycle the box your adventure comes in or upgrade to a fabric covered keepsake box measuring 6 3/4” by 9 ½” by 3” for an additional $15 (as shown).

Price:  $9.99
(Price does not include sales tax, shipping, and handling.)

Out of the Box Love Notes

If you like our website, you are going to love our Love Notes.� These 12 unique cards are hand-made with a vellum overlay, giving these 3 ��� by� 5� cards a crafty finish.

Many of the images on the cards can also be found on our website. The inside of the card has a charming pinstripe or solid green background.  It has been left blank for you to write your special message to your love! 

For romantic message recommendations for each note card, pair this with our step by step guide, Love Notes 101.

Price:  $14.99
 (Price does not include sales tax, shipping, and handling.)


We are so excited to offer you a resource to drafting love notes that is short, easy-to-read, and basically has the work done for you.

This simple 18-page guide gives you tools to piece together a sincere expression of your love. And, if you really want to whip out a note in a hurry, you can use one of our 12 samples in the back of the manual. We have one example corresponding to each Out of the Box Love Note described above!

Price:  $4.99
(Price does not include sales tax, shipping, and handling.) 


Receive a $2 discount when Love Notes 101 is purchased with our Out of the Box Love Notes!

Price:  $17.98
(Price does not include sales tax, shipping, and handling.) 

Conversation Cards

Whether you are in a new relationship or you feel like you already know everything about one another, our Conversation Cards will help liven up your chats.  These small, heavy-duty cards easily fit inside a purse or wallet, so you can take them anywhere.  Your order includes 20 unique cards, and each card contains two questions to discuss – for a total of 40 opportunities to get to know one another better!  

Price:  $4.99
(Price does not include sales tax, shipping, and handling.)

Kiss Cards

Color my LoveDon’t want the entire Color My Love game, but think the Kiss Cards sound intriguing? Purchase them separately!! 12 Amazing Kisses!!! Have the cards handy while watching your favorite shows together. Then on commercials, draw one and smooch away! Soon you’ll love the commercials more than the show!

Price: $4.99
(Price does not include sales tax.)

Passport to Intimacy

Color my LoveWant to go on an adventure, but can’t afford it? Take your love on a journey of emotional and physical intimacy. Discover the “Grand Can-Yen,” the “Aurora Candlelights,” the “Great Barrier Reef-lexes,” and “Victoria Falls-o-in-love with You!” This will be a journey of the heart that you will not soon forget. We’ve even included blank pages for your own destinations in this hand-made book that looks and feels like a real passport!

Price: $6.99
(Price does not include sales tax.)