Pieces of Surprise

Tease and be teased! Surprise and intrigue await you! This is one of our favorites. There are surprises at every corner, and some of them are downright scandalous!  You'll have to wait and see who holds more of the pieces, him or her.   Your keepsake box is positively filled with supplies to carry out the surprises.  You decide if you want to stay in or go out for this romantic escapade. More »


  • Anytown, USA

  • Itinerary
  • Love Lesson
  • Prayer (Optional)
  • Love Pops, a signature Out of the Box Dates game ( * $25 value -Click here for more information.)
  • Over six specific, extravagant, playful, romantic ideas to surprise one another within the envelopes for private viewing - along with many more hints and tips along the way (Priceless)
  • All the supplies you need to make your romantic gestures EASY -- not to mention the amount of time it would take you to gather and organize everything. (Plenty and Precious)
  • Suggestions of interesting places to visit or things to do related to your date experience.
  • All of our adventures come in a box with a clear lid and filled with rose petals, as pictured to the right. You may upgrade to a fabric-covered keepsake box for an additional $15 as pictured above.

* All values are approximate

  • Approximately $10-$15 out of your own pocket
  • Your choice to stay in or go out.

Anytown, USA

Price does not include sales tax, shipping, and handling if applicable.


Call 763-383-2900 to order.