Romantically speaking, let’s see how you measure up!! Take our quiz and just for fun, let’s see where you fall on our Out of the Box Romance Meter!!

  1. Which of the following best describes romance to you:
    1. expressing my love in a creative way
    2. planning an outing or trip to get away from it all just to be together
    3. it’s just something I do to get a little physical intimacy
    4. cuddling up on the sofa and watching a movie together
  2. How often do you surprise your love with a small gift or impromptu visit:
    1. hardly ever
    2. I’m always seeking opportunities to surprise my love
    3. fairly often
    4. only after he/she has done something nice for me
  3. If your love reached for your hand while strolling down the sidewalk, would you:
    1. eagerly accept it and begin rubbing small patterns on his/her skin with your fingers
    2. try to ignore the attempt
    3. hold it for awhile, then let it go at the first opportunity
    4. grasp it and move in a little closer
  4. The last time you wrote your love a love letter or note was:
    1. on his/her last birthday
    2. never… I’m not good with words
    3. just in the last day or two
    4. within the last month or two
  5. If you want to get your love in the mood, which best describes what you would do:
    1. pamper him/her and help with chores so that he/she isn’t so tired
    2. light candles, play music, open a bottle of wine
    3. make a joke about “getting it on”
    4. gaze deeply into your love’s eyes, express your devotion and desire, and let your love decide if he/she is in the mood
  6. Your night-time attire usually consists of:
    1. something your love will find cute and soft to rub against
    2. your birthday suit… you get way too hot to wear anything
    3. seduction is your goal… something hot
    4. flannel or cotton jammies that keep you nice and warm
  7. Saying “I Love You” is:
    1. very heartfelt… you say it whenever you can
    2. you love to declare your feelings to your love and frequently embellish with “I’ll always love you” or “with all my heart.”
    3. expected… you say it often, but not because you really want to
    4. something you rarely say… your love knows how you feel about him/her
  8. The last time you got your love a birthday or anniversary gift, it was:
    1. nothing… we just purchase what we want when we want it and don’t typically get gifts for each other
    2. something your love really needed and you even had him/her come with to pick it out
    3. you nailed it… you got him/her exactly what he/she wanted and even managed to surprise him/her with it
    4. you worked for weeks planning the perfect evening to go out and celebrate, you found the perfect gift plus lots of other surprises thrown in