Out of the Box Dates Customer Service

"It’s the most unique gift idea that anyone has ever given us, especially as it relates to marriage.  When you have kids and schedules, you can think of a lot of reasons not to go on a date. Receiving the date, gave us a real purpose for going on a date.  By opening the box and reading through the instructions, it leads you to do things that you maybe haven’t done since you courted one another, but with the perspective of a married couple."
                        ~J. Brian & Renae

"We had a blast!!  We had so much fun!!  We didn’t have to plan it.  We didn’t have to think about it.  Some of the challenges in the Let the Games Begin date helped us to be carefree… like kids again!  Plus the homework gave us things to talk about - ways to express our love to each other without being awkward.  We didn’t resort to our usual conversations about the kids, schedules, school, chores, etc.  It was very edifying to each other.  We have since purchased a couple adventures as gifts for friends and family."
                        ~Cheryl & Blaine

"So glad I found your conversation cards!!   I’ve not found a better way to get into a solid discussion than with those cards… great questions to ask. The best thing is that those questions have lead into deep discussion. We’ve talked for more than an hour and only made it through a couple cards!  They are a great path to run on to really get to know your partner."

"Cassie and I have been married for 15 years. There were two surprises to us when it came to Out of the Box Dates. One was how long it took to actually carve out the time to deliberately set the date out and sit down to go through it. Sounds, unfortunately, normal. The second surprise was the butterflies in our stomachs with the anticipation of opening the balloons and seeing what the date had in store for us as a couple. The feeling was the same as our feelings so long ago on our first date. What a wonderful gift after so many years!

Because of that wonderful experience, we have taken the opportunity to gift Out of the Box Dates to our closest friends. They have greatly appreciated such a personal gift, and we were able to say thank you in a wonderfully unique, personal way."

"My husband and I went on our first "Out Of The Box" date and it was an incredibly new and different experience.  We found it to be a great way for us to reconnect as a couple.  Since having children we've naturally focused more energy and time on them and have neglected our own relationship.  To have a date all planned out it made it easy. The experience left us with a renewed feeling about our relationship.  We would definitely do it again!  Thank you for the fun experience."

"One of the things I liked best about the Pieces of Surprise date was the art of the tease... not knowing when or what or where the surprises would show up.  There was one day, I had a smile on my face all day.   I loved the Love Pops game... we were like a couple of kids, looking for the best intimate action."

"As a husband and wife when you are too tired to sow love into one another, Out of the Box Dates has done the work for you.  My husband and I were especially pleased with the homework; finding ways to express love to each other in word and in deed."

“We received a black box labeled, ‘See Some Sights’, from Out of the Box Dates. It was given to us as a gift from special friends. At first, I was excited to open it and see what was inside.   As I did, I was very surprised.  Not only were there a variety of date ideas, but there were action items too.  It required us to talk or should I say, ‘communicate’ with each other on things that I had not thought about in years. 

After Mark and I had children, I had put all my romantic dreams and wishes in a box and stored them away.  I thought that I was now a ‘Mom’ and a ‘Wife’, not a girlfriend that needed to be courted.  So, as I searched through the box, I found myself getting very upset.  All the things I had put away, was now right in front of me.  But the big difference between this new box and the one I stored away was that it was not meant just for me to go through.  It was meant for both my husband and I to go through together.

It helped us understand each other’s needs in language that we both could understand.  This understanding has enhanced our communication and many other things...  As a result, we are making more time for each other and really enjoying that time together.  My wishes and dreams box has now been taken out of storage.  I can see why the company is called, Out of the Box Dates.

Thank You LeeAnn."
                        ~Mark and Julie