This date is called “The Pillar of Love!” And it is all about ROMANCE… we’ve got wedding cakes, a chapel, an overnight stay at a bed and breakfast, an enchanting walking/driving tour, and a sweet dinner activity that will inspire deep discussion.
As with all of our adventures, you’ll receive all the destination information and directions and surprises for one another in our Secretly Hers and Secretly His envelopes.

Included in your adventure is a set of our Kiss Cards to inspire creative smooches along the way!


  • A one-night stay in the Grand Suite at The Pillar Inn (optional)
  • Itinerary with Destination Information and Directions
  • Walking/Driving Tour of Cold Spring, MN including a Pictorial Guide Book with interesting information about some of the historic homes in this small town.
  • Tour of the Cold Spring Brewery (if tours in session with your travel date)
  • Complimentary Dream Cake from the well-known Cold Spring Bakery (*$3-4 value)
  • Our signature Kiss Cards (*$5 value Click here for more information)
  • The Pillar of Love Dinner activity. (*$7 value. Click here for more information)
  • Romantic ideas (the perfect blend of romantic and sexy) to surprise and delight one another in envelopes for private viewing.PRICELESS)
  • The supplies you need (some silly and some dreamy) to make your romantic gestures EASY, not to mention the amount of time it would take you to gather and organize everything. (PLENTY AND PRICELESS)
  • Love Lesson
  • Prayer (optional)
  • All of our adventures come in a box with a clear lid and filled with rose petals, as pictured to the right. You may upgrade to a fabric-covered keepsake box for an additional $15 as pictured above.

*All values are approximate

  • A functioning vehicle
  • A drivers license
  • A babysitter is recommended for this date

Cold Spring, MN with $160 Gift Certificate for a stay in the Grande Suite at The Pillar Inn.
$4.99 for Itinerary
$4.99 for Surprises
Cold Spring, MN without $160 Gift Certificate to The Pillar Inn.
$4.99 for Itinerary
$4.99 for Surprises

Call 763-383-2900 to order.